I want a locker with a bit of eyeball.

this is the sebastian makes me cry edition: #1

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Avengers in a Nutshell: Captain America

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Are you ready for the world to see you as you really are?

As previously stated [x], this is one of my favorite scenes. It is set immediately after the “Bucky?-Who the hell is Bucky?” exchange. Steve is in the Soldier’s line of fire, still shocked and with his shield in a loose grip at his side. And he hesitates. He looks down and to the right, then his brow furrows and the next secong he’s pointing a gun to Steve’s head. That doesn’t change the fact that he pauses, struggling. Looking down on the right is usually associated with “Feelings, both tactile and visceral”, so it’s possible to assume that this is the moment he starts to break out of brainwashing and remember who he is. Because Steve called his name.

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